Ras Hashita - Khan Desert accommodation with boutique tents

"Ras Hashita" is a desert hospitality hotel located in the northern Arava, about 2 km northeast of the Hatzeva Junction, next to Nahal Gidron.

The place is located at the entrance to a nature reserve and is characterized by an enchanting desert landscape and a calm and peaceful atmosphere, reminiscent of the shores of Sinai.

The site is intended for families and groups, and includes a wide range of accommodation options:

Camping tents and trailer parking in the open area

Air-conditioned boutique tents suitable for 10, 15, 20 people

Air conditioned sensations suitable for up to 5 people.

On the site there is a large central succah for shaded sitting, tables, cheap corners and multiple seating, bonfire areas.

Central self-contained indoor kitchen with barbecue area, cooking gas cookers, tables and chairs under a shaded shed.

You can also order (by appointment):

Tours and attractions in the area: Jeep tours, hiking and abseiling.

Musical evenings and more …

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