A little about our region

A little about our region

The Arava is divided into three parts:

• The southern part – the Arava machine of the kibbutzim – built of a chain of bivouacs that are closed from all directions, including the Eilat Valley, the Evrona Valley, the Yotvata Valley and the Saidi'in Valley (Kibbutz Yahel Valley).

• The central part – a machine called the back of the prairie – extends from Kibbutz Yahel to Nahal Hayoun and reaches a height of up to 300 meters above sea level.

• The northern part – a machine called the Central Arava or the Arava of the Moshavim stretches between Hayoun River and reaches the southern shore of the Dead Sea / Moshav Neot Hakikar, located at a height of minus 400 meters below sea level.

The main feature of the Middle Arava is that it is drained by one large stream, the Arava Stream – which collects streams from Sinai, Jordan and the Negev and is eventually spilled into the Dead Sea.

The Arava Valley is characterized by extreme desert conditions, which means that the summer heat is up to 50 degrees in the shade, and the few sediments are between 20 and 30 mm per year.

The Arava has a large quantity of groundwater, both in deep layers – an average depth of about 1000 meters, and in upper layers – an average of several tens of meters. The combination of water and the extreme conditions make Arava Valley unique and interesting on a global scale.

Moshav Hazeva

Moshav Hazeva is located in the Arava
The middle. The moshav has about 130 families, all of whom make their living from farming in the winter. Arava existence is possible due to the existence of groundwater reservoirs and fifty water drillings that supply drinking water and agriculture to all the Arava settlements, including Moshav Hatzeva.

The moshav is located about 25 km south of the Dead Sea, about 135 km from Eilat, about 100 km from Beer-Sheva and close to the border with Jordan. And the fall in it, is very suitable for trips in the Arava region and the eastern Negev.

In the vicinity of the settlement there are many possibilities for hiking, such as Sheizaf Nature Reserve, the Springs Route, the Ma'ale Akrabim and the Makhteshim, the northern Negev shopping malls – Ashalim, Peres, Tamar, Tzafit, Gov and others. The settlement is also close to the Incense Route and the centers of the Negev Center, such as Barak, Vardit, Ada and more. There are several varied options to explore the area, such as hiking, cycling, SUVs or just relax.

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